Laser hair reduction


Laser hair removal is a fast, safe, and clinically proven method to reduce unwanted body hair for both men and women.


About the treatment

If you’re looking for laser hair removal clinics, DYU Aesthetics offers the best laser hair removal in Bangalore. It’s a fast and safe way of reducing hair growth which has proven clinical results.

Having to cope with unwanted, excess body hair can cause serious annoyance and difficulty to cope with. Then, shaving, threading, plucking and waxing can take up a lot of time and money. Both males and females suffer with hair that they wish they didn’t have; from women dealing with facial hair due to hormonal imbalances, and aesthetic-dependent men who wish to have hair-less backs. We take the time to understand your expectations in where you want laser hair removal treatment, this is so that you get the results you deserve.  

So, whether you’re looking for full body laser hair removal or smaller areas such as your legs, book a consultation at DYU Aesthetics.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Safe Treatment

This non-invasive process is incredibly safe with very, very few risks

No Downtime

You are free to return to daily activities immediately. We just request you cover the area with a high SPF and avoid strong UV rays after

Effective Treatment

The results of laser hair removal are noticeable from your first session and by the end of the course can be even more effective


We only need to conduct laser hair removal for you once a month and the sessions are very short

Our Laser Hair Removal Machines

We uses the latest and greatest technology for laser hair removal. Our lasers offer superior results for removing unwanted hair on any body part. Laser Hair Removal is a safe and effective solution for men and women looking to eliminate the hassle of traditional shaving or waxing methods. Our trained therapists can precisely target even the smallest and most sensitive areas.

At DYU Aesthetics, we offer complimentary consultations to discuss your individual needs and create a personalised treatment plan. Our advanced lasers have built-in technology for maximum comfort during the procedure. Say goodbye to the pain and irritation of waxing or plucking and hello to smooth, hair-free skin! Laser Hair Removal at DYU Aesthetics is the perfect solution for long-lasting results.