Facial Laser Hair Removal

FACE Treatment

Facial hair laser removal is a treatment focused on targeting and eliminating hair growth on your face.


About the treatment

Facial hair laser removal is a treatment focused on targeting and eliminating hair growth on your face. Many women, and even some men, spend endless amounts of money on waxing, threading, tweezing and shaving their unwanted facial hair. That’s why we offer the best facial laser hair removal in our clinic in Bangalore, which is safe and proven to remove unwanted facial hair.

Whether you’ve got beard hair growing due to hormonal imbalances as a woman, or as a man, your eyebrows are too big and they need to be reduced – Laser hair removal on the face can be tailored to focus on specific areas you wish to target. At DYU Aesthetics, we help many men shape their beard using laser hair removal and treat women commonly for chin laser hair removal.

If you are looking for a fast, effective and pain-free way to get rid of unwanted facial hair, look no further than DYU Aesthetics - our technology is unmatched!

Facial Areas We Can Treat

For facial laser hair removal, we use machines which works on all skin types and all hair types. Meaning that we can help you to get the smooth hair free skin you want. The treatment can be used on:

  • Cheeks
  • Neck
  • Upper Lip
  • Nose
  • Between Eyebrows
  • Ears
  • Chin

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

During the facial laser hair removal treatment, the laser focuses on the melanin within the hair follicles whilst the entire shaft of hair is heated, leaving it to be weakened or destroyed. This laser wavelength is absorbed by the hair follicle, which prevents the laser from reaching deeper into the skin and causing damage.

Unlike waxing and other hair removal methods, this method attacks the hair follicle's structure to the root, disrupting its ability to grow again. Our laser hair removal for face treatment is completely safe and pain-free, leaving you with long-lasting results that are free from the irritation and redness associated with other hair removal methods.

When you undergo laser facial hair removal, the laser will target hair in the active growth stage. As laser hair removal is a repeated treatment, you will need to have multiple sessions to ensure that all of the hairs are targeted. This is because not all of the hair follicles will be in the active growth stage at the same time.