About the treatment

The surgical restoration of the hymen is known as hymenoplasty, also known as hymenorrhaphy, hymen reconstruction surgery, hymen restoration surgery, or re-virgination surgery.The repair of the hymen is a reasonably straightforward treatment that is typically carried out under local anaesthesia. The three methods/procedures for hymenoplasty are as follows:

In the event that the hymen is still present, the first, most basic approach is employed. Under local anaesthesia, the surgeon would repair the damaged portions of the hymen using dissolvable stitches. The whole process lasts around 30 minutes. The second method, known as the Alloplant approach, involves the surgeon inserting a bio-material that functions as a hymen and can tear during sexual activity or other activities inside the vagina. The entire process lasts about two hours.

Why Would A Woman Consider Hymenoplasty?

Sexual assault - A woman who has experienced sexual assault may have psychological relief and support in coping with the trauma if her hymen is restored. In these situations, it is more about psychological comfort and healing than bodily restoration.

Cultural beliefs - Pre-marital sex is frowned upon in numerous cultures all over the world. In these societies, women are required to stay virgins until they get married. A woman’s virginity is frequently assessed by whether or not she bleeds when her hymen breaks during the first sexual encounter after marriage.

Accidents - Unexpected injuries and accidents can cause the hymen to tear or break. Before having her first sexual encounter, a lady may seek to restore her hymen in such circumstances.

Sexual pleasure - The vaginal muscles deteriorate over time and especially after childbirth, which reduces sexual pleasure. By tightening these muscles, hymenoplasty helps to increase or improve sexual pleasure.

Gifting - A woman may seek to gift her sexual partner as a surprise of a virginal experience on any special occasion like Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary or on the day of their wedding.

How is Hymenoplasty Achieved?

Typically, hymenoplasty is a safe, quick and simple procedure without any complications to the extent that there are absolutely no visible scars post the surgical procedure.


Depending upon the individual, the recovery time usually varies between 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

There is no need for the patient to go back to the doctor to get the stiches removed. The stiches are dissolvable. There will not be any visible scars after healing.