Depigmentation of private areas


Genital Skin Lightening is a cosmetic procedure designed to lighten darkened skin in intimate areas such as the labia majora, inner thighs, and perianal area.


About the treatment

Intimate Hyperpigmentation affects all people due to the higher levels of melanocytes in the skin of those areas. It can affect inner thighs, vulval, perianal areas. Genetics, hormones, childbirth, aging are all factors that can result in the darkening of skin.

What is Genital Skin Lightening?

It is a procedure to lighten darkened skin in the genital area – labia majora, internal thighs, perianal area. Genital Skin Lightening is a purely cosmetic procedure to improve appearance. At DYU Aesthetics, we offer specialized depigmentation treatments for private areas, helping you achieve even skin tone with the utmost sensitivity and care.