Ready to regain your pre-pregnancy body? We Can Help!


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Ready to regain your pre-pregnancy body? We Can Help!

In India, over 25 million babies are born every year, which means that there are millions of new mothers who experience the joys and stresses of motherhood. One of the stresses that new mothers face is the physical changes that occur during pregnancy, which do not magically disappear once delivery is complete.


Throughout pregnancy, your body undergoes numerous changes.Some of these changes are caused by hormonal shifts that affect your skin and metabolism, while others occur as a result of weight gain and your expanding belly, breasts, and buttocks. Even though these changes take place within the relatively short span of nine months, it can take much more time and effort to reverse them after giving birth.


At DYU Aesthetics, we help women recapture their pre-pregnancy bodies with treatments aimed at eliminating excess fat, restoring skin tone, and improving vaginal health and function. Here are just some of the treatments you should know about.


Emsculpt Neo®

Emsculpt Neo® treatment is a nonsurgical, non-invasive treatment designed to eliminate stubborn fat deposits, including fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise. Emsculpt is world’s first HIFEM (HighIntensity Focused Electro Magnetic) device uses non invasive technology to put muscle into an intense workout mode, which results in strengthening and building the muscle and toning it.  


Morpheus8® Body

Morpheus 8 Body combines two highly effective treatments —micro needling and radio frequency (RF) energy — to tighten lax skin, eliminate unwanted fat, and smooth out cellulite, stretch marks, and other surface irregularities for a more toned appearance. During treatment, RF energy penetrates your skin to stimulate collagen development, helping skin heal itself naturally over time.


Evolve Tone®

Evolve Tone uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to target multiple muscle groups, providing you with the same benefits of a workout without ever visiting the gym. In fact, Evolve Tone is designed to magnify those results, helping you achieve more muscle contractions in a much shorter space of time than an average gym visit. Your treatment helps refine contours and tone, tighten, and strengthen muscles, too.



Your contours aren’t the only thing that changes as a result of pregnancy. Vaginal tone can change, too, leaving you prone to urinary incontinence and decreased sexual stimulation. The VTone system is designed to target the pelvic floor muscles that support your vagina and other pelvic organs. By replicating the effects of Kegel exercises, VTone helps tone your pelvic floor muscles and restore vaginal tone without surgery or downtime.



Emsella focuses on pelvic floor strengthening, using electromagnetic energy to induce deep pelvic muscle contractions, improving urinary incontinence and core stability. This offers a comprehensive post-pregnancy recovery solution, addressing functional pelvic health with no downtime.



FormaV treatments work in a similar way to tighten and tone the vaginal canal and the pelvic floor region. This device can also be used to restore the appearance of the external labia, helping women feel more confident during intimacy.



EmpowerRF uses the power of RF energy to tighten and tone lax vaginal tissues. Similar to VTone and FormaV, EmpowerRF helps women restore vaginal tone and function, reduce symptoms of vaginal atrophy, and enhance sexual confidence.


Depending on your goals, you can opt for a single type of treatment or combine different types for a complete mommy makeover. To learn how we can help you get your post-pregnancy body back in shape, book an appointment online at DYU Aesthetics today.


Ready to regain your pre-pregnancy body? We Can Help!